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June 3, 2010

Penguin Style, June 2010!

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Hey penguins!

The new Penguin Style came out today!

The first hidden item is the Duchess’ Dress! Click on the grapes to get to it!

The second is the Emerald Dress! Click the curtain to find it!

The third cheat is the Green Cloak! Click the stone to see it!

To get the Viking Helmet, click the right Coffee Cup!

Open and close the Viking Helmet four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!

Click on the purple dance square to get the Green Face Paint!

To get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat, click on the Water Bottle!

Click on the cups next to the Water Bottles for the Top Hat!

Then, you can click on the camera for the Dazzling Blue Tux!

Next, click the top of the mountain for the Cocoa Bunny Costume!

Then, click the trees for the Cocoa Bynny Ears!

That’s all the cheats for the June 2010 Issue of Penguin Style!

Tell me what you think of the new items!!



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