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June 5, 2010

New Friezypopolis Holiday!

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Hey penguins!

A new Friezypopolis Holiday is being added!

It’s called Coin Day, and Coin Day is on August 19th, so start saving your coins right away!

How it works is that however many coins you have one day before Coin Day, will be DOUBLED!

So that means if you have 250 Friezypopolis Coins, on Coin Day, you will have 500!

Just remember, you only have one day to use your free coins! (If you use all of your coins on Coin Day, you will still have all the coins you had the day before!)

If this is a little confusing to you, just ask me in a comment and I’ll try to clear things up!


PS. Congrats, you found the 250th post!


May 15, 2010

Friezypopolis News!

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Update: BIG NEWS!! The original release date, May 29th, is no longer the release date. It is now May 22nd! Make sure you check out the NEW and IMPROVED Friezypopolis!

Hey penguins!

Big news with Friezypopolis!

You may have noticed that Friezypopolis has been “Down for Major Renovations””. If not, click here.

Anyways, I need your help for new features that are going to be added, so tell me your ideas!

Also, the Friezypopolis Population is going to be reset, so make sure you become a citizen again!

Just remember, Friezypopolis is well in the making!

And finally, the release date for Friezypopolis!


January 3, 2009

Friezypopolis Acres Released!

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Hey penguins!

As you may have read, Friezypopolis Acres was released earlier today!

Check out Friezypopolis, and under the Friezypopolis Facts, you should see a road heading to Friezypopolis Acres!


December 28, 2008

Friezypopolis New Feature(s)

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Hey penguins!

Friezypopolis got an upgrade not too long ago!

You can now earn coins by giving away a penguin or commenting on the Awards Page!

Check out Friezypopolis now for full details.


Next, with the coins you earn can be either spent on at the Friezypopolis Gift Shop, or buy a home and a pet at the Friezypopolis Acres. The Friezypopolis Acres is not yet finished building, but I got the best penguin to help build it!

Rory said that the Friezypopolis Acres will be up within a day or two!


You will have to go to Friezypopolis and go to the Gift Shop. You will then find a “door” that leads to Friezpopolis Acres!


As always I will inform you when finished!


December 27, 2008

Friezypopolis Chronicle Delay and New Page

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Hey penguins!

Some of you may have read the Friezypopolis Chronicle last Saturday, and it was also supposed to be delivered today. I was very busy this week and could not complete it. If you want though, you can go to Friezypopolis and read the first edition of the paper!


Next, I will soon be adding a new page, the Friezypop Imrovement Project, or FIP for short.

I will be sure to tell you when I add it!


PS. If you haven’t already, be sure to vote in the Friezypopolis Election!

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