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June 3, 2010

Penguin Style, June 2010!

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Hey penguins!

The new Penguin Style came out today!

The first hidden item is the Duchess’ Dress! Click on the grapes to get to it!

The second is the Emerald Dress! Click the curtain to find it!

The third cheat is the Green Cloak! Click the stone to see it!

To get the Viking Helmet, click the right Coffee Cup!

Open and close the Viking Helmet four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!

Click on the purple dance square to get the Green Face Paint!

To get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat, click on the Water Bottle!

Click on the cups next to the Water Bottles for the Top Hat!

Then, you can click on the camera for the Dazzling Blue Tux!

Next, click the top of the mountain for the Cocoa Bunny Costume!

Then, click the trees for the Cocoa Bynny Ears!

That’s all the cheats for the June 2010 Issue of Penguin Style!

Tell me what you think of the new items!!



May 28, 2010

New Elite Penguin Force is Here!!

Hey penguins!

Yesterday, Club Penguin made it possible to become an EPF (Elite Penguin Forces) Agent. I made a step by step tutorial to help you become one.

1. Log into Club Penguin.

2. Click on your spy phone and read the message that appears.

This message says that the PSA was destroyed by Popcorn. Now, EPF (Elite Penguin Force) agents are stepping in to keep the island safe.

3. Click “go there.” You will be taken to the Everyday Phoning Facility.

4. The phone in the Telephone Booth will then start ringing. Answer it by clicking on it.

5. A target will then appear after you answer the phone. Throw a snowball at the target.

6. After hitting the target, the Telephone Booth and target will dissappear. Then, a TV screen will appear. Then, the pillar in the lower right hand corner will be lifted up. A green square will appear. Walk onto it.

7. Once on the green square, the TV will trap you on the square and not let you leave. Then, the pillar in the lower left hand corner of the screen will lift up revealing a red square. The TV will tell you to run from the green square to the red square as soon as the fences allow you. You will be timed. So be quick.

8. After getting to the red square, the TV will show you your time. Then move off of the red square.

9. The TV will then tell you to hide. You will be given 20 seconds to hide in the Everyday Phoning Facility. No matter where you hide you will be found. But that is OK.

10. Once you are found by the security cameras, the pillar in the upper left hand corner of the screen will move upward revealing a blue square. The TV will tell you to step onto it. DO NOT DO IT. THEY ARE TESTING YOUR CLEVERNESS.

11. The TV will try to trick you into stepping onto the blue square but after a few messages the TV will say that you are “Excellent, you avoided the trap!” Then the TV will tally up your results and tell you that you passed the EPF Test.

12. You will then recieve a message from the TV saying Congratulations! You passed the test! Please proceed to the EPF HQ. You can get to the EPF HQ by clicking on the EPF sign that opens up on the pillar in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

13. After clicking on the EPF sign, you will be taken to the new EPF Headquarters. Your Spy Phone will be traded in for the new EPF device. You will then be told to “Recruit an EPF Agent” by sending a penguin a postcard.

14. Close your new spy device and open up your penguin mail. Select a buddy off of your buddy list and send then a postcard. The postcard will look like this.

Congratulations! You are now an Elite Penguin Force Agent!

Thanks for the post!

(Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I had a really busy schedule and didn’t have much time on the computer all day long!)


May 27, 2010

Club Penguin Times Issue #241

Hey penguins!

Here is the cover for the Club Penguin Times Issue #241

(Click to enlarge!)

If you look at the first page, here is what you find!!

There is a new Everyday Phoning Facility. The same initials as Elite Penguin Force!

(To read more about this story, find the post about the EPF!!)

Read more posts above to learn more about what has happened!!

May 19, 2010

Newspaper #240, New Pin, and Popcorn!

Hey penguins!

I’ve decided to come back two days early! (But I still need authors to help out, so e-mail me at if you want to be an author on the site!)

Today, Newspaper #240 came out a day early (I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not yet, but I’ll give you the issue!)

(Read below for more about the popcorn!)

Here is the Dot the Dots puzzle!

Any guesses?

And the upcoming events: (Click to enlarge)

The New Pin, the Cream Soda Barrel Pin, is at the Book Room!

And finally… POPCORN!

You may know about the latest mission that came out earlier this week, where Herbert had his Super Growth Corn pop into lots and lots of popcorn. Well now Club Penguin has popcorn, too! Check out the Ski Village, Sports Shop, and HQ! (If you aren’t a Spy Agent, click here!)

So here are what the rooms look like: (Click to Enlarge)

I think the HQ looks terrible, and the PSA and all its files will be transfered the the EPF, so look for a new HQ soon!

Unfortunately, Herbert has ended the PSA, and probably even the whole Sports Shop!

Here is the artical in the newspaper about the popcorn:

Tell me what you think will happen when all this ends, what you think the Sports Shop, or any other building that may replace it, and also what the HQ will come to, and maybe even if the new HQ will get a new location!


January 16, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue 170, New Pin and Furniture Catalog, DJ Candance, and Member Party!

Hey penguins!

Sorry for the late post but my computer wasn’t working properly.

Because this post will be so long, just click the link below to read the full entry!



January 2, 2009

New Pin and Catalog

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Hey penguins!

Here is the new features!

Just click here!


December 26, 2008

Postcards, Newspaper, Igloo Catalog, and HQ Message!

Hey penguins!

Click the link for the new features!

Postcards, Newspaper, Igloo Catalog, and HQ Message!


PS. Don’t forget to participate and win prizes in my Christmas Contest!

PSS. The Friezypopolis Election is tomorrow! Don’t forget to vote!

December 19, 2008

New Pin and Christmas Party!

Hey penguins!

Click the link for the new events!

New Pin and Christmas Party!


December 12, 2008

Rockhopper, New Stage, Catalog, Postcards, and Coins for Change!

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Hey penguins!

Click on the link for the new news!

Click here for the new features!


December 11, 2008

Easy Way to Draw Card-Jitsu Scenes and Newspaper 165!

Hey penguins!

Screenhog posted about Card-Jitsu behind-the-scenes, and these are the pictures! They are pretty easy to draw, just keep your window open and it will be like you are “tracing” it.



Then, just erase the lines you don’t need, and color the penguins!


Next, the new newspaper, Club Penguin Times Issue 165, came out today.





Rockhopper will be here tomorrow, December 12th. He is going to help us celebrate, and also help us with Coins for Change!


Here is what the $1,000,000 will be splitted by.


Please donate coins for Coins for Change. It may be part of the world for you, but it could mean the world to someone else.


Members can decorate their igloo to win the Igloo Decorating Contest! Ten first prize winners will recieve 25,000 coins, and 12 runner-ups will recieve 15,000 coins!

Here are the tips for you.



A Better Igloos catalog will also be released, and you can use that to decorate!




Club Penguin Word Search Cheat



New postcards will arrive!


Upcoming events:


Read the paper without logging in here.


December 8, 2008

Three New Glitches!

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Hey penguins!

Here are three new glitches I found!

Walk away from a multiplayer game

When playing a game, like Find Four, click on one of the other boards. This also works for Mancala and Sled Racing, but on Sled Racing you cannot be the last penguin.

Walk anywhere in a room while playing a multiplayer game

When ploaying a multiplayer game, like Mancala, open P-Mail, then close it. Then click anywhere that you want to go!

Play a game twice

Using the cheat above, when finished walking around, go back to the game. It will say “Please exit your game before leaving the room”!

(You will still be playing the game after you click “Okay”)


PS. These will go on the Cheats and Glitches page!

December 6, 2008

New Pin and Catalog… and ROCKHOPPER!

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The Snowfort pin is located at the Pet Shop.


Click on the lights on the Christmas Tree for the Yellow Scarf.


Click on the snow on top of the tree for the Russian Hat.


Click on the Lighthouse for the Red Hoodie.


Click on the eyes of the penguin for the Red Viking Helmet.


Open and close the Red Viking Helmet three times for the Blue Viking Helmet.


Click on the Pink Flipper for the Black Superhero Mask.


Also, Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator can be seen through the telescope at the Beacon. His ship looks like it has Christmas decorations on it. Rockhopper will probably arrive at the Christmas Party.



Thanks Woton, for the post.

November 28, 2008

Club Penguin Times 163, Lottery Numbers, New announcements, and Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats!

Hey penguins!




Read about an interview with the dojo sensei where he reveals some secrets and mysteries about himself, also there is a Deck the Halls game where you decorate an igloo, This weeks In Focus is about the pizza parlour and it shows some of the cheats in the Pizzatron 3000 game. Aunt Arctics is asked about eco friendly penguins and the power of jitsu cards!

Club Penguin Puffle-So-Cute-O Cheats and Fan Comics:

Also there is a Coins for Change update.

These are the causes you will be able to donate to using your club penguin coins

Kids who are sick
Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war


Read the paper without logging in:


Snow and Sports Catalog

Ok, here is the latest edition of the Snow and Sports Catalog 2008!

Here are the cheats. To get the silver surfboard,do the following:

First, click on the Green Penguin. Then, click on the clam. Finally, click on the star.

And there you have it! The silver surfboard!

Here’s another cheat. Click the letter “N” for the Pommel Horse, as shown below:

And those are the cheats for this month’s catalog. I know there are not much cheats, only two of ‘em, but CP might be busy working on a few other updates.

Also, here’s a new club penguin postcard you can send to your buddies!

Pics and text from (I’m behind right now because of the US Thanksgiving)

Lottery Numbers

Congradulations to Retry4!

Retry4 picked the number 7 in the Wumbo One catagory, and won! If I can get your site name, Retry4, I will add you to my blogroll!

There were no other winners, but here are the numbers:

Tiny Two:34

Triple Three: 985



Don’t miss my parties of the year, on November 29th, and December 6th! Go to the home page and scrool down for more information!



PS. A few days ago I silently added a new page… can you figure out which one???

PSS. Sorry for the late posts, I was away an Wednesday and Thursday.

November 25, 2008

Club Penguin Force Secrets!

Hey penguins!


The Command Room has some awesome secrets I want to show you. If you haven’t unlocked the room yet, you need a code from the Elite Penguin Force DS game.

Command Room Cheats:


Tv Channel: You can change the channels on the TV. Here are the possible channels.

Elite Penguin Force: Home Channel


The Weather Channel


Unavailable Channel


Penguin Talk Show


Campfire Channel


Sled Racing channel


Trash Can: Hover over the trash can to make it fill up. Their are 3 stages for the fillup.


Table Cheat: Click the center of the table to change to different platforms.

Pizza (Looks yummy)


Top secret items


Coffee Tray


Wall Poster: Hover over the “Elite Force” wall poster to change the picture of the penguin.

Green Penguin Poster:


Blue Penguin Poster:


Red Penguin Poster:


Clown Penguin Poster:


CD’s: Hover over the cd’s to make them fly up.


Thanks Chewy, for the post.


PS. No current codes availible. 😦

November 21, 2008

New Pin, New Stage!

Hey penguins!

Go to the Beach, to get the new Snowflake Tile pin.


Club Penguin Better Igloos Secrets

On page 1, click on the ribbon for the leaning tree.

leaning-tree1The leaning tree was also at the Iceberg last Chirstmas!

On page 5, click on the control terminal for the welcome mat.


On page 16, click on the guitar stand for the music stand.


Club Penguin Stage Secrets

Check out the new Fairy Fables play at the Stage.


On page 2, click on the CD player for the Slver Wand.


That’s it for the Club Penguin Cheats. Check out the new backgrounds!

Pics and text from

Also, Friezypop is a Red Belt! I only have three belts to go! 😀



  • What color belt are you?
  • Do you like the pin?
  • What do you think the next pin will be?
  • Do you like the play at the Stage?
  • What is your favorite character?
  • What do you think of the new items?




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