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May 28, 2010

New Elite Penguin Force is Here!!

Hey penguins!

Yesterday, Club Penguin made it possible to become an EPF (Elite Penguin Forces) Agent. I made a step by step tutorial to help you become one.

1. Log into Club Penguin.

2. Click on your spy phone and read the message that appears.

This message says that the PSA was destroyed by Popcorn. Now, EPF (Elite Penguin Force) agents are stepping in to keep the island safe.

3. Click “go there.” You will be taken to the Everyday Phoning Facility.

4. The phone in the Telephone Booth will then start ringing. Answer it by clicking on it.

5. A target will then appear after you answer the phone. Throw a snowball at the target.

6. After hitting the target, the Telephone Booth and target will dissappear. Then, a TV screen will appear. Then, the pillar in the lower right hand corner will be lifted up. A green square will appear. Walk onto it.

7. Once on the green square, the TV will trap you on the square and not let you leave. Then, the pillar in the lower left hand corner of the screen will lift up revealing a red square. The TV will tell you to run from the green square to the red square as soon as the fences allow you. You will be timed. So be quick.

8. After getting to the red square, the TV will show you your time. Then move off of the red square.

9. The TV will then tell you to hide. You will be given 20 seconds to hide in the Everyday Phoning Facility. No matter where you hide you will be found. But that is OK.

10. Once you are found by the security cameras, the pillar in the upper left hand corner of the screen will move upward revealing a blue square. The TV will tell you to step onto it. DO NOT DO IT. THEY ARE TESTING YOUR CLEVERNESS.

11. The TV will try to trick you into stepping onto the blue square but after a few messages the TV will say that you are “Excellent, you avoided the trap!” Then the TV will tally up your results and tell you that you passed the EPF Test.

12. You will then recieve a message from the TV saying Congratulations! You passed the test! Please proceed to the EPF HQ. You can get to the EPF HQ by clicking on the EPF sign that opens up on the pillar in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

13. After clicking on the EPF sign, you will be taken to the new EPF Headquarters. Your Spy Phone will be traded in for the new EPF device. You will then be told to “Recruit an EPF Agent” by sending a penguin a postcard.

14. Close your new spy device and open up your penguin mail. Select a buddy off of your buddy list and send then a postcard. The postcard will look like this.

Congratulations! You are now an Elite Penguin Force Agent!

Thanks for the post!

(Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I had a really busy schedule and didn’t have much time on the computer all day long!)



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