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May 18, 2010

Mission 11 Walkthrough!

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1. Talk to G on the HQ, He will tell you your Mission

2. Head to the Gift Shop with Jet Pack Guy and Rookie

3. Pick up the Evidence Right Next to Rookie,Then Talk to him. One Chair from the Gift Shop is missing

4. Go to the Ski Village,Talk to the Brown Penguin. His Glasses are Broken

5. Head to the Lighthouse and Pick up the Can, The CD Under the Piano,The Mop & the Water Spray above the Speaker.

6. Go to the Dock and Put Water on the Can

7. Head to the HQ,Then go to the Gadget Room And Put the Can with Water on the Test Chamber,Select the Snow Mode to Freeze it And then Pick up the Piece of Ice,Take it to Rory on the Beacon so he Can Fix the Telescope. In exchange,he Will give you a Len you can give the Brown Penguin in the Ski Village

8. Go to the Office with Jet Pack guy,G will call you in to the HQ. After talking to Herbert,Go to the Ski Village

9. Click on the Black Box at the Right of the Screen,Change the Input to DVD,Use the Mop and the Water Spray to Clean the CD,Then Put it in the Player.

10. Night of the Living Sled is playing,But you can still hear Herbert. Go back to the Box and Open the Audio with your Wrench

11. Go to the Mine Shack,Enter the Corn Maze at the Left. The Way to Get to Herbert is By Following the Corn,and then Picking up all the Notes. Once you got all the 4 Parts,Follow the Ingredients on how to make a Super Corn Plant. Pick up the Wood and Use it for a Bridge on the River

Club Penguin Mission 11 Maze

12. On the Ladder,Use the Corn you picked up to get it to go down. Talk to herbert and Disconnect his PC. You will be taken to the HQ With a Corn Bomb made by Herbert.

13. To find a way out,Go to the Entrance to the EPF Room and Look for the Note in the Paper that says “Orange Book” . Click on the Orange book for a Secret Device to Pop Out,You need to match the Colors.

14. Agent Dot from the EPF Will come out and Teleport you,G and Rookie to the Ski Village. Momments after,the Bomb will explode and a lot of Corn will be spreaded out. G Will get a Call from the Director which tells him PSA Is over,and EPF Will be rising up. Pick up your Medal and Reward.

Congratulations! You have finished the Mission!

With your Reward from Dot,You can Get the Free Spy Goggles

Thanks, Matre10 for the walkthrough!

(I would have done this myself, but I’m working on other things around the site, but this is too important not to post!)



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