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October 17, 2008

New Better Igloos Catalog, and ROCKHOPPER!

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Update: I was just on Club Penguin and I saw Rockhopper!!! 😀 I’m so happy!!! Good Luck on finding him!


Hey penguins!

A lot of new stuff today, but let’s start with the Better Igloos catalog.



These are the new items.

  • Laboratory Desk- 700 coins
  • Contol Terminal- 800 coins (Click the antena for something cool!)
  • Seismograph- 450 coins
  • Overhead Light- 380 coins
  • Plasma Ball- 550 coins
  • Candelabra- 650 coins
  • Pipe Organ- 1,800 coins
  • Pumpkin Lights- 100 coins
  • 4 Different Jack-O-Lanterns- 250 coins ea.
  • Couldron- 630 coins
  • Spiderweb- 75 coins
  • Moving Eye Painting- 550 coins


Here are the secrets.


Click the Student Desk for the Chalkboard.


Click the Pizza Oven for the Stainless Steel Fridge.


Click the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand.


Thats all for the catalog!




Rockhopper has arrived and of course his ship(The Migrator) is located at the Beach!



Also the game Treasure Hunt is working! It’s a ton of fun, and easy coins!


I’m still not done with my igloo, because I want it to be the best! 😆



Good Luck to everyone! 😉


 PS. There is also a postcard for Treasure Hunt!!!! 😀



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  1. Friezy… how did you send me a card?????? I’m not your buddy!
    Friezypop: I saw you at the Dock today… didn’t you see me?

    Comment by Li Gi 99 — October 17, 2008 @ 10:29 am

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