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October 14, 2008

A BIG Thank You!

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Hey penguins!

I just want to thank all of you who have visited my site! Lately my hits have been up, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

Blog Stats

  • 7,666 Penguin Views


When I get to 10,000 hits, I have decided to throw an Ultimate Friezypop Bash!

One way to get more hits is to tell your friends and family!

Thanks again to all! 😀




  1. how did you get the other grey bar in there? anwser on my site.

    Comment by weshnog — October 14, 2008 @ 9:54 pm

  2. haha lol! In Club Penguin u can choose to be portugese! Lol 🙂

    Comment by thevasgottree — October 15, 2008 @ 11:43 am

  3. yur welcome!

    Comment by Legofan16 — October 15, 2008 @ 1:41 pm

  4. Nice job on 7,000!
    Can you go to, make an account
    and post 15 times????
    Then just make a comment under contests and say
    Detroit87 Reffered me

    P.S.-If this is considered spam just edit out the link, but
    still go to the site and post 15 times

    Comment by Detroit87 — October 15, 2008 @ 2:50 pm

  5. Thanks everyone!!!! This is my 1,000th comment!!!
    ~Friezypop~ 😀

    Comment by Friezypop — October 15, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

  6. Woh! thats ALOT! your SO popular now!!!

    Comment by cpmaster4 — October 15, 2008 @ 6:14 pm

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